Why should you wear my face?

Really that’s a question only you can answer. If you don’t have any reasons whatsoever to wear my face I can give you only one. I’ll write you a poem when you send in a picture of you wearing my face.

Will you wear my face?

Of course! I’m also a face wearer and no dictate from any deity has ordained that my face must be the only face worn. I do have to somehow get your face on me though. For now reach me at wearmyfaces@gmail.com to work out the details. The skinny: I’ll design, you pay, I write you a poem and send you a picture of me wearing your face!

When will you be selling other faces?

I don’t currently have plans to support selling other people’s faces. It’s one thing to help someone else set up a store to sell their face on a product but it is another thing entire to do so on their behalf and it makes me uncomfortable. I’d love to hear your thoughts on the morality of supporting selling other faces! wearmyfaces@gmail.com with your insights please!

Why are these items so expensive?

My order fulfillment and fabrication service is super neat! Check out what they are all about: https://www.printful.com/about
Secondarily WearMyFace doesn’t have the volume at this time to qualify for any of the benefits of mass production. For the foreseeable and indefinite gaze into the abyss of the future so it shall be.

I have a sweet idea for your next pattern, and I want one!

Wow that’s flattering and super awesome. (WearMyFace note: I am absolutely writing about fictitious customers here. I will remove this note and add testimonials and poems as they come in.) I’d love to chat with you about what you imagine my face doing that will make wearing it that much more meaningful for you!

What is the history behind wearing faces?

Super interesting question, let me know if you have insights! Are you studying anthropology and have access to research about clothing and the act of wearing depictions of other human’s faces? Wow that’s super cool can you pass on some of what you’ve discovered?


Most of my product pages show the front and back of the product which is like an about face? Right? But how weird is it that the about-face isn’t the back of my head? Bwaaah.